Branch Deepviews lets users test apps in browser  

Branch enables app previews via web browsers

13 AUG 2015

Mobile engagement company Branch introduced Deepviews, a way for users to engage with an app’s content on a browser before committing to a download, which it said can increase click-to-install rates by up to six times.

Branch describes the concept of “deepviews” as “mobile web splash pages”, automatically generated and hosted by Branch from preexisting, native app content. It believes that this will help app makers deal with competition without paying for installs or being featured in a store.

Mobile developers who want a web presence would need to duplicate efforts to build a website that mirrorS app content, while supporting multiple mobile devices and browsers. The new tool aims to make the process easier.

“The mobile browser isn’t going anywhere even though app-only companies are becoming more prevalent, resulting in a more fragmented user experience for non-app users. Many mobile app developers don’t have the resources to build an optimised web version of their app,” explained CEO Alex Austin.

Branch Deepviews was released in beta with selected partners like iHeartRadio, TheChive and Close5. Branch says that for each partner, the Deepview additional step outperforms the direct-to-store flow by anywhere from two to six times.

Deepviews is now available free of charge, alongside Branch’s deep linking platform.


Saleha Riaz

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