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BlueVia launches in Germany

04 AUG 2011

Telefonica opened its BlueVia developer platform in Germany, stating that “software companies in Germany can register as a developer for BlueVia and O2 customers can download the first BlueVia apps on their smartphones.” The operator will give developers a share of the revenue generated by the addition of network features into apps, for example via SMS or MMS integration, which could be “as much as 20 percent,” in addition to the standard revenue share for app sales. Michiel van Eldik (pictured), MD of Wholesale and Partner Management at Telefonica Germany, said: “With BlueVia, software developers can develop smartphone apps as well as web services and desktop applications, and soon they’ll be able to offer them to most of the 295 million Telefonica customers worldwide.”

The operator said that the first BlueVia apps for desktop, the web and smartphones are already appearing, for example via the Android Market and Windows Phone 7. It notes that the integration of network service into apps is “recommended for smaller companies in particular,” because larger developers have already been able to access mobile operator services via other interfaces. In order to do this, however, “long-term contracts and a sizeable minimum volume were required when sending SMS, for example.” Through the launch of BlueVia, small developers and individuals can use the same services “without any complications.”

Telefonica Germany said that in “just a few weeks” it will be providing “even more” interfaces for its network. It highlighted that in addition to app sales, developers can “achieve additional sales for many years” through the use of SMS messages, advertising in apps, and other Telefonica-derived earnings.


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