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Barcode scanning comes to Titanium

29 OCT 2012

App developer tools company Appcelerator has added a barcode scanner module to its Titanium app development platform, through a partnership with mobile barcoding specialist Scandit.

Android and iOS developers using the cross-platform development tools will be able to incorporate barcode scanning to their apps using the Scandit SDK.

The module includes support for a range of barcode types, including QR codes and Datamatrix, and is available from the Appcelerator Marketplace.

According to tools company, the technology is able to capture a barcode from any angle without the need for the camera to focus, meaning it functions with cheaper Android devices that don’t have autofocus cameras.

Scandit’s product database consists of more than 25 million products.

“The new Titanium integration will make it seamless for our developers to create quality m-commerce and enterprise applications,” said Appcelerator head of business development, Spencer Chen.


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