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Badoo hits 100M downloads on Android

09 MAR 2016

Dating app Badoo reached 100 million downloads on Android, with 60 million active users in 190 countries and 400,000 new people signing up every day, the company behind it said.

Badoo, launched in 2006, claims to be “the fastest growing dating platform in the world, and the first ever dating app to make it to the very exclusive ‘100 million club’ in the Google Play store”.

It pointed out that while apps such as WhatsApp and Snapchat had also hit the 100 million mark on Android, Tinder, also a dating app, and others from Amazon, Uber and Pinterest had not.

Alexandra Chong, president, said that “with ten years of existence, Badoo has the industry’s deepest insights and experience, and knows how to use this wealth of information to create a fantastic user experience and sustain incredible growth and momentum.”

Chong recently joined Badoo to drive the company’s strategy, business development and communications.

Badoo said on its website that the vision of its founders was to “create an elegantly modern, fast and easy way for people to meet new people in their area and have fun doing it. The scope would be global, but adapted to local needs”, adding that “it worked”.

The company operates mainly from London and is available in 46 languages on iOS, Android and Windows Phone.


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