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AppMobi open-sources mobile web app development tools

25 NOV 2011

HTML5 development tool provider AppMobi has open-sourced three of its technologies in an attempt to drive the development of mobile web apps.

The first technology to be open-sourced is the JavaScript Bridge API that allows websites and web apps to access device APIs for iOS and Android, making the development of hybrid apps for both mobile platforms easier to achieve.

The MobiUs web browser has also been made open-sourced. Launched in March 2011, it allows smartphones to run web apps based on HTML5 with the same look and feel as native apps.

The final set of tools are the DirectCanvas/Box2D/Sound HTML5 games acceleration technologies which help developers looking to create animated mobile games using HTML5. DirectBox2D speeds up calculations to simulate gravity, inertia and collision detection by up to 25 times while DirectSound allows a number of sounds to be played simultaneously, something which basic HTML5 doesn’t allow.


Tim Ferguson

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