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appMobi launches mobile browser optimised for web apps

01 NOV 2011

Mobile development tool and cloud services provider appMobi has launched the MobiUs web app browser which brings native app functionality to HTML5 web apps and websites on iPhones or iPads.

Web apps and websites have slightly more basic capabilities than native apps as they are unable to take advantage of technology on the devices themselves, such as gravity sensing, accelerometer, GPS, camera, sound and vibration. Using APIs developed by PhoneGap and appMobi, MobiUs is able to access this additional functionality.

HTML5 offline caching allows web apps to run when not online while MobiUs can bookmark web apps to store them on the device and instantly load and run them without being connected to a network.

The browser also provides web-based notifications to boost user engagement, appMobi’s 1Touch digital wallet technology and mobile-optimised tabbed browsing. appMobi’s DirectCanvas HTML5 game acceleration technology has also been integrated into the browser.


Tim Ferguson

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