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Apple lifts ban on Hong Kong protest map app

07 OCT 2019

Apple backtracked on allowing App Store users to access a service offering live updates on social unrest in Hong Kong, which has been beset by anti-government protests.

The HKmap Live app provides a map showing the location of police patrols and use of tear gas, BBC News reported. The outlet added the app was already available to users of Android devices, but Apple blocked it due to concerns it encouraged illegal activity.

Apple offered no comment to claims it blocked HKmap Live at the request of the Chinese government, BBC News stated.

In a tweet, HKmap Live stated it has received no legal complaints since the launch of the service two months ago.

The developer said the app was meant to keep people in Hong Kong safe and it did not believe Apple banned it for political reasons, but rather due to bureaucracy, The Telegraph reported.



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