Apple improves App Store search — report

Apple improves App Store search — report

27 NOV 2013

Apple has tweaked its search engine for its App Store to allow for spelling mistakes and typos, helping users find the apps they want more easily.

According to TechCrunch, searches in which users are unsure whether apps have spaces in their names are also seeing better results. Previously if users typed ‘Quiz Up’ to search for the popular QuizUp game, they wouldn’t have found the app.

Sources said the changes to the App Store search engine went into operation several weeks ago.

The improvements should be a boost for developers with apps that are tricky to spell or have long names.

However, the changes are unlikely to impact a large proportion of App Store queries but will bring the search functionality up to par with Google Play, which has been offering a spell checking function for some time.

App discoverability is one of the biggest challenges facing developers due to the huge number of apps now available in the App Store and Google Play. The improvements to the App Store search will go some way towards making some apps more visible.


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