App players sign to support Tizen

App players sign to support Tizen

12 NOV 2013

A number of app companies have signed up as backers of the Tizen Association, to “collaborate on the ongoing development of the Tizen project and platform”.

Names on the list include Polish games developer 11 bit studios, app discovery company appbackr, app distribution player AppCarousel, social mapping company CityMaps, online retailer eBay, games giant Konami, app search engine Quixey, music app TuneIn, and YoYo Games.

In a statement, Trevor Cornwell, founder and CEO of appbackr, said: “The Association’s commitment to support HTML5 applications, combined with their vision that extends beyond the smartphone and tablet ecosystem to a wider array of other connected device segments, makes it attractive to all types of companies.”

While work is being done to drive growth of the Tizen app catalogue – a competition with a $4 million prize fund is currently underway – the fact remains that as yet devices powered by the platform have yet to make it into the high street.

According to reports this week, Samsung, the primary device maker supporting the platform, has pushed back launches into 2014, meaning that there is no addressable market for app developers.

Of course, much of the thinking behind Tizen is based on the ability to easily port apps from other platforms, with HTML5 positioned front-and-centre.

But with plenty of other options for developers that will lead to a faster return on investment, generating traction will be something of an uphill battle, at least in the mid-term.


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