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App developer Holaverse sees 390M installs in 1 year

03 DEC 2015

Holaverse, developer of Android device customisation apps, said it has seen 390 million installs worldwide since launching in November 2014.

The Shanghai-based company said its product philosophy is “smaller, yet bigger”, offering apps that enable users to achieve “the ultimate combination of efficiency with minimal effort”.

Its most popular app, Hola Launcher, is a home screen interface replacement that allows users to “organise, customise and simplify” their mobile desktop while providing features like news and weather in an 3MB app.

This allows devices to boot faster, making them more responsive and giving users a smoother experience, it said.

On its website, it explains that it wants to balance desirable features with desirable performance and makes “hard decisions to avoid feature bloat and scrutinise our code for every last byte of optimisation”.

“We know Android users have all sorts of devices, from high-end to low, and we want to deliver an enjoyable user experience to as many as we can,” it added.

From May, Holaverse spent five consecutive months on App Annie’s worldwide top 10 Android developers list, and it claims Hola Launcher has been among the top 10 most downloaded apps globally since June.

In response to the trend of increasing screen sizes on mobile devices, Holaverse released Omni Swipe a year ago – a fan-shaped quick-launch menu that brings a user’s favourite apps, settings, and contacts within reach of their thumb, without the need to use both hands to operate a phone.

And Locker Master allows users to create, share, and download custom lock screens. Its OpenGL ES graphics engine powers a gallery of interactive and animated tools and effects that users can incorporate into their designs.

The company says it has “a keen focus on addressing user pain points and capitalising on mobile industry trends” and “anticipates diversifying from its existing stable of apps to explore opportunities in new categories and platforms” in the future.


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