App audience rivalling traditional media, PCs — Flurry

App audience rivalling traditional media, PCs — Flurry

25 APR 2013

The US audience for apps now rivals that of TV, newspapers and PCs, according to analytics firm Flurry.

The  evening peak of 52 million app users for the top 500 titles across Android and iOS rivals the combined audiences of three of the most-viewed TV shows or that of the largest 200 US weekend newspapers

In addition, the US audience that can be reached through apps is roughly equal to that reached via laptop and desktop computers.

Flurry measured 224 million active app users in the US in February while ComScore measured 221 million desktop and laptop users for the top 50 digital properties in the US over the same period.

Flurry said these comparisons show that the app audience has reached critical mass —but it is still highly fragmented compared to more traditional media.

It also noted that it is more affordable for marketers to reach this size of audience through apps than through print or TV.

Marketers must adjust to these trends while the mobile industry must do its bit through mobile ad networks that are better able “to deliver the right combination of reach and targeting”, Flurry noted.



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