Android Wear support comes to Google Play Services

Android Wear support comes to Google Play Services

03 JUL 2014

Google rolled out a new version of its Play services, offering new APIs for wearable devices and enhanced security features alongside a range of other updates.

Google Play Services 5.0 adds a set of APIs that improve the way developers can communicate with apps running on Android-based wearable devices.

Capabilities include automatically synchronised persistent data store and a low-latency messaging interface to sync data, exchange control messages and transfer assets.

The App Indexing API means developers can inform Google about deep links in native apps so that Google’s search engine includes their details as instant Search suggestions, enabling quick access to inner pages of apps.

Google Play game services have been updated to include player goals or ‘Quests’, which are intended to boost re-engagement and retention. Data can be sent via APIs to the Quests server when players win a level or record an achievement and be used to create new Quests.

Another new API allows game players to save their progress to the cloud and resume on another screen. Cover images, description and time played can also be stored to let players find out their progress at a glance.

The dynamic security provider API replaces the platform’s secure networking APIs and can be updated frequently for rapid delivery of security patches. It also includes fixes for issues identified in OpenSSL.

Other additions include closed caption support for Chromecast via the Google Cast SDK and the ability to create folders offline and sort query results for Google Drive.


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