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Android 4.0 uptake increasing slowly

06 JUN 2012

Google said that just 7.1 percent of visits to its Google Play app store in the two weeks to 1 June 2012 were from devices running Android 4.0.x, the latest versions of its platform for smartphones and tablets.

While the figure is up from around 3 percent for the period to 2 April, it comes as a number of vendors have made available devices powered by the platform – including Samsung’s flagship Galaxy S III and HTC’s high-profile One range.

By far the majority of devices are running a variant of Android 2.3, which accounts for 65 percent of visits. Some devices are still shipping using this platform.

The older Android 2.2 platform still generates 19.1 percent of visits.

Google provides the information in order to help developers decide which version of the platforms to target. Apps written for a specific platform are forward-compatible – so an app written for Android 2.2 will still be supported by devices using a subsequent version of the OS.

The earliest version of Android included in the list are Android 1.5 and Android 1.6, which account for 0.3 percent and 0.6 percent of visits, respectively. The tablet-oriented Android 3.x generated 2.7 percent of visits during the period.


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