Amazon launches app ad platform for developers

Amazon launches app ad platform for developers

14 MAY 2015

Amazon has launched a new advertising platform through which developers can promote their apps on Android smartphones as well as Amazon’s tablets, Bloomberg reported.

The online retail giant will be paid each time an ad put up on the platform is clicked, with campaign costs starting from $100.

According to spokesperson Lyn Hart, Amazon already works with developers to support merchandising and advertising across its platforms and devices and the new service will expand on this.

Bloomberg quoted EMarketer analyst Martin Utreras as saying that the move may encourage developers to create apps specficially for Amazon, making their devices and services more attractive to shoppers. Developers have so far kept away from its ecosystem as sales of its phone have been low.

When it comes to the mobile advertising industry in the US, worth around $29 billion, Amazon has only 1 per cent market share, while Google leads the way with 35 per cent and Facebook takes second place with 17 per cent, according to EMarketer.

Money spent on marketing apps is predicted to increase by 80 per cent this year, hitting $3 billion, with Facebook spending the most money.

The social media giant recently extended its deep linking capabilities to include mobile app install ads, so marketers using Facebook can send users directly to information they are interested in when they open an app for the first time.

Amazon is also reportedly working on an ‘Unlocked’ section for its app store, through which users will be able to download paid apps and make in-app purchases for free to encourage users to download more apps.

A recent study by Juniper Research revealed that annual revenue from apps is expected to reach $99 billion by 2019 and as the market for apps becomes more and more competitive, marketers are turning to TV to promote products.


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