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Alibaba linked to China propaganda app

20 FEB 2019

Alibaba developed an app in China which appears to propagate the message of the ruling Communist Party, Reuters reported.

Xuexi Qiangguo, which translates into ‘Study to make China strong’, became the most popular product on the Chinese App Store, overtaking WeChat as well as Tik Tok’s local version Douyin, the publication said.

The app has been downloaded over 43.7 million times on Apple and Android devices since its launch in January, consultancy Qimai estimated.

This may be related to the fact that local governments and universities require party members to download the app.

It was developed, and is maintained, by a team at Alibaba known as the Y Projects Business Unit, which deals with external projects.

The app, which includes short videos, government news stories and quizzes, was built using DingTalk software. DingTalk is Alibaba’s messaging app and its credentials can be used to log into Xuexi Qiangguo.

Reuters pointed out many Chinese tech companies have cooperated with the government including Tik Tok parent ByteDance and Tencent, adding Alibaba’s chairman Jack Ma is a member of the Communist Party.

“The upside for these firms is that their track record of cooperation can put them in a better position to obtain key licences or opportunities,” Reuters quoted Mark Natkin, MD at Marbridge Consulting, as saying.

However, he pointed out: “The downside is they may get tapped to participate in projects which, on economic or PR considerations alone they might normally eschew, but which may be uncomfortable or unwise to refuse.”



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