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5app issues app advice for businesses

10 AUG 2012

App tools provider 5app published a list of pitfalls businesses should avoid when commissioning developers to build mobile apps.

It advises that enterprises remember that mobile devices are not always connected to a network and that different operating systems can create problems for developers.

Businesses should also focus on function rather than looks, remember apps do not need to entertain users, retain control of content, be aware of future trends and not forget the needs of the end user.

If organisations follow these guidelines, they should be able to develop apps that make employees more responsive and productive, according to the company.

"To the uninitiated, the process of creating a mobile business app looks pretty simple. However, there are several pitfalls that executives need to be aware of. By being made aware of these pitfalls, executives can take steps to avoid them when their organisation begins to develop a mobile enterprise app," said Tim King, CTO of 5app.

5app recently launched a toolkit for developers building enterprise apps, giving them the ability to design, build, debug and deploy mobile apps across all types of smartphones and tablets.


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