GetJar: Making money from free app distribution

When it comes to app stores, there are plenty of challengers looking to unseat Apple: Google’s Android Market, Research In Motion’s App World, Nokia’s Ovi Store and multiple operator stores are fighting hard to gain traction in the market. However, in real terms, it is GetJar that is leading the resistance…

BlackBerry Partners Fund: looking for the next big opportunity

Mobile Apps Briefing talks with the Fund’s co-managing partner to discover what type of companies stand the best chance of investment. “You can’t build a venture-backed company if your model is selling US$0.99 apps on the App Store,” warns the investment expert. 

HTML5: An opportunity for mobile

Our latest Focus article analyses the emergence of HTML5 technology and its role in the mobile application market. Volantis’ CEO Mark Watson tells Mobile Apps Briefing why its current immature status is an opportunity for innovation.

appbackr: Finding funding for developers

Our latest ‘Focus’ article profiles appbackr, a company claiming to be “the first and only digital wholesale marketplace for the iPhone and iPad application market.”

Handmark: Making media mobile

In the first of a series of in-depth Focus articles, Mobile Apps Briefing profiles a company that touts itself as “the world’s leading developer and distributor of mobile applications,” specialising in mobilising content for publishers and media companies.