Keep an eye on the little guy

It’s not just the likes of Gameloft and Electronic Arts who are creating a stir in the apps world

Breathing new life into apps with an in-app purchase

Users downloaded your app. They played with it and they loved it. But now they’re done. Don’t let them disappear – offer them more content.

Mobile operators face new app attack

Reports of an Android-based Amazon apps store, and a Facebook/Skype tieup, further highlight the titanic struggle mobile operators face if they want to avoid becoming bit pipes

The future of mobile apps is in the cloud

While native mobile apps have certainly helped to stimulate the market, Web-based mobile applications are the smart way forward

Apps for financial services

Perfecting the user experience is vital if mobile banking apps are to succeed

Has Nokia displayed enough to win over developers?

While the recent changes in Nokia’s leadership may have unnerved some of the company’s longstanding supporters, the new CEO, the new version of Symbian and the new SDKs may tempt many developers back into the fold.

Freemium app developers will need speed and stamina

How much should app developers give away for nothing?

The iPad is not simply a larger iPhone

Blowing up iPhone apps to fill the iPad screen not only looks weird, but organisations are failing to capitalise on the rich user experience the iPad delivers. And now is the perfect time to be developing iPad apps.

Growing pains in the mobile app industry

Launch of Microsoft’s Bing search app for Android is indicative of changing industry pressures.

How big is the mobile app economy?

Despite bullish growth forecasts, the economics of the mobile apps market will remain pretty precarious for developers without corporate sponsors