pokemon go

Blog: Pokémon Go – the AR revolution is real

At the time of writing, I have caught 137 (28 different types), I am well …

Burley Kawasaki Photo_Aug2014

Guest blog: App development should be democratised

Burley Kawasaki, senior vice president of products at Kony, on why anyone should be able to create an app and how enterprises can benefit from this.

Nick Black

Guest blog: The trouble with retail apps

Nick Black, CEO of app developer Apadmi, writes about why retail apps in the UK are under-performing and how they can improve.

Big China

Innovation from the East

Talk to most people about Chinese manufacturers or suppliers and at best they will respond …


Yahoo shaping up to be an app heavyweight

NEW BLOG: Yahoo’s acquisition of app analytics and advertising company Flurry this week showed just …


Is your app attracting maximum advertising revenue?

NEW BLOG: The rise of mobile continues to dominate the advertising industry with eMarketer forecasting that …


Tizen & Ubuntu: All dressed app but nowhere to go

NEW BLOG: With the dominance of Android and iOS, the prospect of new mobile operating …

Lumia 930

Windows Phone: removing the hurdles

NEW BLOG: Microsoft’s decision to openly state it is offering “a $0 royalty licensing programme” …

Sony wearable

The burden of choice

NEW BLOG: As those of you who have followed Mobile World Live’s coverage of CES …


The dual benefit of disclosure

NEW BLOG: Apps exist for everything from gaming, to tracking health and fitness. They augment …