Apple attempted to address concerns about competitive practices on its App Store made by US politicians and the European Union, citing a report stating third-party apps were thriving on iPhones and other devices.

The Analysis Group report claimed Apple’s own services accounted for a small share of app usage among iPhone users.

It noted third-party apps “experience broad regional and global success on the App Store”.

Apple has faced criticism about its App Store dominance in countries including Australia, the UK and Germany.

In 2021, the European Commission (EC) ruled Apple broke local laws by distorting competition in the music streaming market and abused its dominant position in the sector through the App Store.

Analysis Group found Spotify was 1.6-times more popular than Apple Music in the US, while Google Maps was used 1.5-times more than the iPhone-maker’s product.

Amazon Kindle was 4.5-times more popular than Apple Books.

Analysis Group also noted third-party apps were the only options for consumers in some categories, including social networking, dating services, travel planning, and food and drink.