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Apple eyeing smaller iPhone – reports

10 DEC 2014

The latest iPhone rumours suggest that Apple is readying a smaller-screened version of the iPhone 6, which will both replace the iPhone 5C line and provide an option for users who prefer a smartphone that can comfortably be used with one hand.

The idea would mean that Apple ends up with a single product line, in three sizes.

The device being mooted as iPhone Mini is likely to have a 4-inch screen, meaning it is the same size as the iPhone 5, iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c.

According to Macworld, the iPhone 5s is still selling well despite the launch of the iPhone 6 line – with the older device outselling the phablet iPhone 6 Plus.

This seems to indicate that there is still a significant business for Apple in shifting 4-inch screen phones, especially if the pricing keeps them below the current flagships.

The launch of a new device in the 4-inch screen range would also give Apple the opportunity to add NFC and fingerprint scanner technology, to support the rollout of its Apple Pay commerce service.

While iPhone 5c was seen as something of a flop when it launched, the device has picked up some traction. Nevertheless, it is likely to see its production run end in the not too distant future, with the iPhone 5s perhaps living on as the entry-level iPhone.

It has also been suggested that Apple wants a new smartphone to announce when Apple Watch goes on sale next year. While some sources said this would be the iPhone 6S, it seems too early in the iPhone 6 product cycle to be announcing a new device.


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