Apple adds in-app purchasing warning

Apple adds in-app purchasing warning

25 MAR 2013

Apple introduced a new warning system to flag freemium apps that include in-app purchase functionality in its App Store.

The move is designed to address criticism about the monetisation method, for example by helping parents to filter out apps that feature in-app purchasing to limit the amount of money their children can spend on their smartphones.

Apps that include in-app purchasing will now have “Offers In-App Purchases” displayed directly below the icon and “free” button on the listings page.

Apple first introduced the new system on the desktop version of the App Store, with the iOS version following suit over the weekend. Freemium apps in the App Store already show the most bought in-app purchase on their pages.

Apple has received negative publicity around that fact that children can run up large bills by buying virtual items within iOS apps without their parent’s knowledge.

The company recently requested approval for a settlement related to claims that the company encouraged children to make game-related in-app purchases without parental consent. It also settled a US lawsuit over in-app purchases made by children, agreeing to refund parents as much as £66 million.


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