Amazon talks up GameCircle success

Amazon talks up GameCircle success

14 FEB 2013
Game Circle screen

Amazon said that following a three month study, it found that games using its GameCircle service produced 38 per cent higher conversion rates and 33 per cent more in-app purchases per paying customer than titles which did not.

According to the company, combining the impact of both variables means that GameCircle-enabled games earned on average 83 per cent more ARPU than other titles.

Announced last year, GameCircle enables developers to add features such as achievements, leaderboards and sync via an API. This is intended to enable developers to “focus on the elements of their games that are truly unique while building an immersive, more entertaining experience”.

Amazon also said that GameCircle offers “new discovery mechanisms” which can help drive increased engagement rates.

For games supporting the service, players can see friends’ achievements and leader board activity before launching the app, as this data is visible from the game library screen.

The company said that a related study conducted in January 2013 found that, on average, games using GameCircle over-indexed on the number of player sessions by 32 percent when compared to the average for the entire games category.


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