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AI for 5G slicing – from a reactive to proactive approach

Network slicing provides the capability to enable new business models across a wide range of industries. Network slicing allows service providers to segment their 5G networks to support particular services and deploy multiple logical networks for different service types over one common infrastructure.

Dedicated network slices give a multitude of opportunities for service providers to grow their business, especially towards industrial use cases. These new use cases bring new and more diverse network requirements which increases the complexity beyond human control.

In order to ensure that networks become agile and flexible, as well as easy to operate, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and automation are imperative. AI makes it possible to create self-healing networks and Ericsson intends to embed AI-infused solutions that can identify problems, suggest and apply solutions in a proactive manner.

This case study outlines Ericsson’s intentions on how to embed AI in solutions to manage network complexity related to network slicing.

Please click here to download the case study