Advertorial: Service2Media – “mobile device fragmentation is there to stay”

18 FEB 2013

Overcome the productivity pains of mobile device fragmentation with the drag and drop Studio for cross-platform app design and development.

The global number of mobile devices continues to grow at an impressive pace. It is expected that the number of smartphones and tablets will reach about 1.5 billion by the end of this year. Although currently the market is dominated by Android and Apple’s iOS, it is expected that the BlackBerry and Microsoft mobile operating systems will continue to gain market share for the coming years.










(source: ABI)

Today companies’ business apps have become a serious channel of interaction and they can no longer exclude any of their customers –  regardless of whether they use a BlackBerry, Android tablet, Windows Phone or iPhone. Therefore they need to incorporate robust and reliable multi-platform design, development, deployment, update and maintenance techniques into their app factories in order to reach their customers while at the same time keeping their cost under control.

At Mobile World Congress 2013, Service2Media will demonstrate M2Active Studio, the latest productivity tool of their M2Active App Lifecycle Platform. With this tool, graphic designers and user interaction designers can easily and dynamically design and prototype functional apps for deployment to multiple devices and operating systems. Right on their tablet. When ready, they can generate the corresponding code with a single tap of a button and hand it over to the app programmers for further processing.

M2Active Studio effectively tightens the loop between the user experience designer and app developer, resulting in a transparent and more predictable process with higher quality and reduced project risks while lowering development cost and decreasing time to market.

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