Accenture reports mobile payment progress in China, Belgium

18 SEP 2013

Management consultancy Accenture provided updates this week on mobile payment projects in China and Belgium.

In China, YSPay, a payment services provider, has rolled out a new mobile payments solution developed with Accenture. Over in Belgium, the consultancy announced it was helping Belgacom and BNP Paribas Fortis (a bank) to develop a “mobile commerce ecosystem” for merchants and consumers.

Based on the Accenture Mobility platform, YSPay’s new mobile payments solution uses phone numbers to process payments (merchants type phone numbers to initiate payment processing and consumers receive a text confirming the payment will be sent). The platform is connected with banks via China Union Pay – China’s bank card association – and with existing YSPay merchants who have point-of-sale machines in place.

Application outsourcing services is also provided by Accenture, including the on-going maintenance of the YSPay platform and any future enhancements agreed by both parties.

Under the agreement with Belgacom and BNP Paribas Fortis, the Accenture Mobility platform is also being rolled out. Moreover, the consultancy is to provide application maintenance services and is charged with creating a developer community for participating Belgian merchants to create mobile apps.

Belgacom’s and BNP Paribas Fortis’ joint solution — expected to be deployed in the spring of 2014 — will be designed to integrate directly with merchant mobile apps, creating an ecosystem for mobile commerce. It will be accessible to all customers who have a debit or credit card from any Belgian bank, no matter what smartphones and mobile operators they are using.


Ken Wieland

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