A/B testing added for Amazon Android devs

06 DEC 2012

Amazon introduced a new A/B testing feature for developers building apps for Amazon Appstore for Android and the Android-based Kindle Fire tablet.

The SDK allows developers to simultaneously test different treatments of their apps to determine which approach works best – and to improve their apps accordingly.

“Our A/B Testing service is essential for developers because it will help offload the overhead costs of building, maintaining and running scalable tests,” said director of Amazon Games, Mike Frazzini.

The A/B testing beta SDK can now be downloaded from the Amazon developer site.

Other recently-launched developer services include Achievements, Leaderboards and Whispersync across devices, in-app purchasing and 1-Click purchasing.

All of the tools are designed to make it easier for developers to work on differentiating their products, rather than worrying about infrastructure and engagement components.

Over the past year, downloads from Amazon Appstore for Android have increased by 500 percent.


Tim Ferguson

Tim joined Mobile World Live in August 2011 and works across all channels, with a particular focus on apps. He came to the GSMA with five years of tech journalism experience, having started his career as a reporter... More

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