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A Radical Solution for Broken Digital Advertising

Digital advertising needs a re-boot. The current ecosystem isn’t working. Users fear for their privacy, and are frustrated by disruptive ads that slow page loads and drain batteries. Publishers see their hard-won digital revenues and audiences moving over en masse to Facebook and Google.

Finally, advertisers are losing faith in the ads they buy. Bots and malware make it hard to tell truth from fraudulent fiction. Is there is a better way? Brave and its partners believe so. They have developed a platform that invites users to opt in to see only relevant ads. The process is private by design. No personal data is ever shared with third parties.

Meanwhile, all parties share the rewards. Users and publishers can receive up to 70 percent of the ad revenue, which is paid out in Brave’s Basic Attention Token.

Brave and its partners believe the system can start a new era for digital advertising. This whitepaper will show why, and how it works.

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