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5G’s future is hybrid – the non-terrestrial opportunity

The technology and antenna innovations that are enabling hybrid terrestrial/non-terrestrial 5G networks.

5G architecture will be like nothing seen before in the mobile sector because it will be the first to combine terrestrial and non-terrestrial networks (NTNs) – including high-altitude platforms (HAPs) such as unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) and low earth orbit (LEO) satellite constellations – into a hybrid network providing truly ubiquitous mobile broadband to every corner of the globe.

This paper explores the future 5G hybrid infrastructure. It looks at what can be achieved today and unearths the emerging technology that will unlock the full potential of NTNs in the future, including intelligent antennas.

It also examines the commercial opportunities presented by NTNs, which will create value for just about everyone in the ecosystem, including carriers, infrastructure vendors and technology providers.

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