Hong Kong’s Communications Authority (CA) called for organisations to apply for a newly-created localised wireless broadband service (LWBS) licence to establish related communications systems for private use.

In a statement, a CA representative explained the licence has a restricted scope of operation compared with the existing LWB permit, by limiting the network coverage area to 1 square km and prohibiting third parties from offering services using it.

The agency noted the permit “is subject to more light-handed regulation and a lower licence fee”.

A holder will be assigned up to 400MHz of spectrum in the 26GHz and 28GHz bands, which will be shared on a geographical basis. It will “enable individual entities” across various sectors to “adopt 5G or other advanced wireless technologies to meet their own operational needs”.

The annual cost includes a fixed licence fee of HKD10,000 ($1,282) and a variable charge based on the number of radio base stations installed. Licences are valid for five years and can be extended by the same.

Hong Kong created the first LWBS private licence in 2019.