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5G Security, Openness and Trust Considerations

This new whitepaper explains how an open and transparent 5G core design can bolster confidence.

The effective brains of the network, the core is a potential treasure trove for espionage and a key target for sabotage attacks. Historically, it has been highly centralised and monolithic: Taking down individual elements of the core could take down the full network. However, the advent of 5G offers operators the opportunity to employ a potentially much more secure and robust architecture.

Based on interviews with experts from Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) and the GSMA, this paper discusses the design of 5G networks, the trust relationships between operators and vendors, and how to maximise security through technology, work processes and partnerships.

It also explains the principles that underpin HPE’s new cloud-native 5G Core Stack.

Please click here to download the whitepaper.