4G subs use nearly 30% more data on social media – EE survey

4G subs use nearly 30% more data on social media – EE survey

09 DEC 2013

LTE subscribers are choosing to use their extra bandwidth to spend even more time on social media and downloading music, according to a new survey by UK operator EE.

4G subscribers use 28 per cent more data on social media services than 3G with Facebook, YouTube and Instagram being the biggest draws, said the operator using statistics drawn from its base of more than 1.2 million LTE subscribers.

In addition, 4G subscribers are making greater usage of music streaming, with evidence also present in the survey.

Deezer (13th) and Spotify (20th) appear in the top 20 most popular apps for 4G but neither make the same chart for 3G.

One in four LTE subscribers (24 per cent) use social media at least ten times per day and over one third (36 per cent) are streaming more video than with 3G.

Unsurprisingly, EE saw significant peaks in traffic during key events such as Halloween and live football matches.

The survey also revealed some insight into old-fashioned voice communications, with EE saying 18 per cent of its 4G subscribers have never used a fixed phone at home. In fact, the operator has seen a 25 per cent increase in call volumes since the beginning of 2012.

Finally, EE is forecasting that Christmas shopping on mobile devices is set for a boom this year, with 39 per cent of 4G subscribers saying they will buy presents via smartphone or tablet, up from 15 per cent last year.

This is the second Mobile Living Index released by EE.


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