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Connected women

Panel debate: Connected Women

Siki Mgabadeli is joined in the studio by Kate McKenzie, COO, Telstra; Tania Collingwood, Director of Marketing & Communications – Global Digital Strategy, Citi Group; and Bina Chaurasia, SVP, Chief Human Resources Officer, Ericsson.

5G a “special generation” – but in good time

The mobile industry should consider 5G as a “special generation”, introducing “challenges in all layers of the technology”, Mike Short, VP of public affairs Telefónica Europe, said at Mobile World Congress today. Speaking in one of today’s sessions covering the …


T-Mobile US adds Nokia to LTE-U roster

Nokia Networks, in partnership with T-Mobile US, said it’s developing a “pre-standards” licensed assisted access (LAA) solution – otherwise known as LTE-U – that allows LTE to exploit unlicensed spectrum in the 5GHz frequency band (commonly used for Wi-Fi). T-Mobile …