T-Mobile aims to make NFC “a reality” in 2013

23 Jan 2013

T-Mobile USA is working with a number of partners to bring “a variety of NFC technologies to market”, according to a blog written by senior vice president of product management, Brad Duea.

The plans go beyond the operator’s current NFC offerings,  said Duea in a post on the operator’s website titled “T-Mobile makes NFC a reality in 2013”.

Specifically he mentioned US bank Chase as a partner with which T-Mobile USA is currently working.

The bank was one of the first to put its credit cards in the Isis mobile wallet along with American Express and Capital One.

T-Mobile USA, along with AT&T and Verizon, are the three shareholders in Isis, which launched a trial service last autumn in Austin and Salt Lake City in the US.

Looking back at 2012, Duea said “we saw the expansion of NFC technology in a number of smartphones” including the Samsung Galaxy S III, Google Nexus 4, Windows Phone 8X by HTC, Nokia Lumia 810, Samsung Galaxy Note II, Samsung Galaxy S Relay 4G and Samsung Galaxy S II.

The operator also launched other NFC-based devices including the Nokia wireless charging stand and Samsung’s TecTiles, headset and media hub.

  • dman977

    Just enable Google Wallet and be done with it please.


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