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Payleven rolls out Android app to more countries

Richard Handford


Payleven has launched its Android app that enables small merchants to process payments via a smartphone or tablet in a further three European countries.  The additional countries are the UK, Italy and Poland.

Previously, the app was only available in Germany. When used together with Payleven’s dongle, the app enables merchants to process payments on mobile devices.

The company is one of the rising stars in Europe for this type of service. Rivals include iZettle.

Payleven already offers an iOS app for its service in the UK, Germany, Netherlands, Poland, Italy and Brazil.

Its Android app supports a number of Android devices including the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, the Galaxy S II, Galaxy S III and HTC One.

The company’s dongle currently enables debit or credit cards to be swiped and transactions signed for. In early 2013, it plans to launch a dongle that enables transactions via Chip & PIN. This new dongle will launch in all its European markets.


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