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Orange and China Mobile join forces on NFC

Richard Handford


Orange and China Mobile have signed a MoU that they hope will accelerate the take-up of mobile contactless services by integrating SIM-based standardised technical protocols into their services.

The two operators want to encourage the large-scale take-up of NFC services and widespread availability of compatible devices. In addition, they want to see the interoperability of such services which they say will encourage a wide range of applications.

Plus they hope to see the development of standardised solutions that will enable consistency, regardless of the mobile operator or third party involved in offering the services, and regardless of device used.

Specifically, China Mobile’s Shen Hongqun, the vice president of the operator’s data service department, said the two operators will co-operate in service model design; marketing strategy; standards for mobile payments; promotion of NFC-based services based on SWP-SIM; and developing a harmonised ecosystem based on standardised technology.

Orange has been among the most enthusiastic backers of NFC among mobile operators. It has launched NFC-based services in three European countries (France, UK and Poland) with a fourth (Spain) scheduled for early next year.

Meanwhile China Mobile is planning a major deployment of the technology. It has scheduled a large-scale trial of NFC in February 2013, ahead of a full commercial launch later in the year.


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