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Mobile World Live Webinars

The Mobile World Live webinar programme will leverage the GSMA’s unique position to provide a forum for the discussion of the key industry topics shaping and transforming the future of mobile communications today.

In the tradition of the GSMA’s thought leading conference programmes, Mobile World Live webinars will benefit from an independent editorial process and feature some of the industry’s most influential speakers and commentators.

The webinars will also leverage the full functionality of the Mobile World Live platform to provide a rich multimedia experience to our viewers which will include video, presentations and demos as well as online interaction with panel members and fellow webinar viewers.

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Past Webinars

NFC: Key factors for success

This webinar - featuring Orange, Gemalto, Verifone and Digicel - looks at the key factors that will determine which mobile payment services succeed. Will it be affordable NFC handsets, unique service features, a particular ecosystem or the best security for users that will set the winners apart?. Relive the webinar.

Backhauling the customer experience

oin our panel of experts, including Dr John Naylon, CTO of Cambridge Broadband Networks, and Andy Sutton, Principal Network Architect at Everything Everywhere, to discover how backhaul will play an increasingly important role in future network deployments and which strategies will have the most positive impact on operator business models. Relive the webinar.

Mobile Health: Driving adoption through robust evidence generation

Evidence generation is critical to advancing the field of mobile health. A panel of industry experts representing a variety of stakeholder groups discuss this crucial topic ahead of the upcoming Mobile Health Summit (Cape Town 29 May – 1 June, 2012). The panel discuss why robust evidence is critical, the global state of mobile health evidence, and what is needed to generate the evidence required to drive the adoption of mobile health solutions. Relive the webinar.

RCS-e Webinar: Distance learning from the RCS-e experts

With the first commercial launch of RCS-e imminent, don’t miss this great opportunity to tune in and learn about the strategic imperatives and business justification for launching RCS-e, and to hear about current implementations of RCS-e and the latest developments in the rich communications ecosystem. Our panel of speakers shared their expertise as well as their views on the benefits of launching RCS-e. Relive the webinar.

The Christmas Lists: The Good, the Bad and the not so Smart

Smartphones, tablets and other high-end tech gadgets are increasingly topping Christmas wish lists, irrespective of age or gender. But how can you guarantee you're going to get the most for your money? Should you buy now, wait for the winter sales or is it worth being patient a little longer until newer models hit the shelves next year? Our panel of experts shared their views on what to look out for in the rush for presents with a review of the year's best gadgets, and previews on what to expect for 2012. Relive the webinar.

TD-LTE: Game winning touchdown in the UHF end zone?

Alcatel-Lucent, China Mobile, the GSMA and IP Wireless discuss how the use of TD-LTE technology presents a unique opportunity to harmonise use of spectrum across geographical regions, with positive implications for the economies of scale so crucial to the mobile industry. Relive the webinar.

Mobile Operators as Clinical Service Providers

Our panel of experts highlighted a number of specific areas of interest where operators can provide tangible benefits to healthcare partners and their patients, and discussed the work currently being undertaken to help facilitate the integration of mobile into the complex regulatory frameworks inherent to the healthcare industry. Relive the webinar here.

FC - Mobile technology as a new form of currency

NFC services have launched commercially in several markets worldwide, with many more planned for the coming months. This NFC focused webinar looked at the challenges of NFC deployments and the impact these will have on traditional consumer activities. Relive the webinar here.

Mobile Broadband - LTE from theory to reality

With the number of operators offering commercial LTE networks nearing double figures, 2011 is being touted as the year LTE really takes off. But what about the challenges (and opportunities) that lie ahead for the operators launching service this year? Relive the webinar here.

Embedded - Working towards a Connected Life

A recent Analysys Mason study commissioned by the GSMA shows that 3G embedded modules have a lower total cost of ownership than 2G modules, following in-depth interviews with 23 ‘key players’ in the embedded mobile industry including AT&T, Deutsche Telekom, Qualcomm, Telenor Connexion and Vodafone. Learn more here.