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    Emerging market vendors drive record quarter for smartphones – IDC Edit Post

    There are “more than a dozen vendors” that could take a top-five position in the smartphone charts in the next quarter, IDC said, with tough competition among the lower ranks. According to the company, “emerging markets supported by local vendors” continued to act as the “main catalyst” for smartphone growth. “As the death of the feature phone ...

  • Samsung mae

    Samsung R&D expert puts focus on consumer behaviour Edit Post

    VIDEO INTERVIEW: When it comes to targeting emerging markets with smartphones, Alfred Boediman, VP at Samsung’s R&D institute in Indonesia, said there was an industry tendency to assume what type of features people wanted. That, he maintained, was not the Samsung way. “We try to find out about cognitive user behaviour what features ...
  • Microsoft’s WP plans in the spotlight Edit Post

    Following last week’s announcement it is set to cut 18,000 staff and take the axe to the former Nokia product line, there has been speculation about Microsoft’s plans for its Windows Phone smartphone business. According to The Verge, the company has two new mid-to-high tier devices in the pipeline, with suggestions these may see the light ...