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    iPhone 6 Plus a success in Asia-Pacific; iOS 8 take up lags globa... Edit Post

    According to data released by AppLovin, the iPhone 6 has globally been preferred over its phablet counterpart, the iPhone 6 Plus, with usage averaging out to a wide 80-20 split. However, this is not the case in Asia Pacific where the iPhone 6 Plus is more popular than in countries like North America, Western Europe and Australia. Phablets have ...

  • jolla-tablet

    Jolla Tablet to go ahead as it smashes through crowdfunding target Edit Post

    Jolla, the Finnish smartphone startup, reached and passed its crowdfunding target to build its first tablet computer within two hours of the campaign going live. The company was looking to raise $380,000 on the Indiegogo service to fund the manufacture of the 7.9-inch Jolla Tablet. At the time of writing, almost $600,000 has been raised. The pledged ...
  • mediatek-mimmis-cleeren

    MediaTek chases slice of IoT pie with Labs project Edit Post

    Chipset vendor MediaTek is looking to drive the development of Internet of Things (IoT) and wearable technology by offering support for developers and device makers wanting to build and test prototype devices. MediaTek Labs, launched in September, offers the LinkIt operating system designed for wearable and IoT devices that can connect to other devices and the ...