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Mobile banking users to pass one billion in 2017 – report

Richard Handford


A new report from Juniper Research has found that over one billion mobile subscribers will have used their handsets for banking by the end of 2017.

In contrast, says the research firm, the figure for mobile banking in 2013 will be 590 million users.

The 2017 forecast will represent over 15 percent of the projected mobile subscriber base, says the report, which also notes that half of all subscribers will still have only limited access to traditional banking services.

Juniper also finds that most banks have at least one m-banking offering either via browser, messaging or app. Yet some of the larger banks are now offering services based on two or more of these technologies together.

Such an approach maximises reach for the banks, as well as meaning they don’t have to switch suppliers for different approaches.

The report predicts that apps will be the dominant access mode in developed markets, although messaging will remain very popular.


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