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    Revamped Foursquare puts emphasis on tailored experience Edit Post

    Foursquare launched a new version of its app, offering an increased focus on local information and recommendations specifically tailored to individual users. The new Foursquare asks users which activities they enjoy to learn their tastes and preferences, in order to ensure the places and activities recommended are as relevant as possible. It is touted as freeing users ...

  • sprint-app-pass

    Sprint launches App Pass subscription service Edit Post

    US operator Sprint launched an app subscription service which gives Android users access to a catalogue of premium apps and mobile games for $4.99 per month. App Pass will allow unlimited access to the content across two devices, with subscribers also given $5 in credit each month to spend on in-app purchases. The service also features ...
  • Push notifications boost app engagement, retention — Localytics Edit Post

    App users who opt-in to receive push notifications show significantly higher engagement and retention, according to research by Localytics. The analytics and marketing firm found that push-enabled app users demonstrated engagement that was 88 per cent higher than those that don’t receive notifications. According to Localytics, around 52 per cent of app users opt-in. With the ability to ...