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  • minecraft

    Millions of users download malicious Minecraft-related Android apps Edit Post

    Security company ESET found that 30 malicious apps claiming to offer tips and cheats for popular gaming app Minecraft have been uploaded to Google Play in the last nine months, before subsequently being downloaded by up to 2.8 million Android users. Google has since removed the rogue apps from the store. “All of the discovered apps were ...

  • Shazam visual

    Shazam moves into visual search Edit Post

    Audio recognition app company Shazam announced its move into the visual space, which it said extends its “mobile engagement platform” to “create a world where everything from posters, to packaged goods, to print media, and more are transformed from static images into dynamic pieces of content”. Starting from its roots in song recognition, the company has also been ...
  • google play

    Google to outsource app age ratings Edit Post

    Google will soon be using an external body to judge the age ratings of apps available via its Play Store, rather than letting developers set the ratings themselves, as it continues its efforts to protect younger users. The International Age Rating Coalition (IARC), already being used for Mozilla’s Firefox Marketplace, will automatically decide on a rating ...