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Microsoft offering $100 per published app

Tim Ferguson


Microsoft is offering Windows Phone and Windows 8 developers $100 per published app on Windows Phone Store or Windows Store by 30 June.

Developers can rack up a maximum of $2,000 by submitting up to 10 apps to each store and will receive the money in the form of $100 virtual Visa cards.

All apps must comply with the usual certification requirements and the apps must do more than launch a web page. Cloned variations of previously published apps will not qualify for the promotion.

The offer has been running since 8 March although Microsoft has done little to promote it.


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  • MadFerret9

    Clearly an act of desperation. I haven’t downloaded hardly any apps on my Windows 8 PC.. the store is rubbish.. you don’t know what you’re buying. The only ones I’ve downloaded are free (Adobe reader, Skype).