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Google Play growth outpacing App Store

Steve Costello


Distimo said that Google Play saw “tremendous growth” from August to November 2012, with an aggregated growth in daily revenue of 43 percent across 20 of the largest countries, compared with growth of 21 percent for Apple’s App Store for iPhone and iPad.

However, while the Android store is closing the gap to its iOS rival, there is still something of a gap between the two – on a “typical day” in November 2012, revenue in the App Store exceeded $15 million, compared with around US$3.5 million for Play.

The US remains the largest market by revenue, followed by Japan, the UK and Australia. In Japan, Google Play is close to the US, while despite strong iPhone sales, there are “almost no iPad app sales” in this country.

Fast growing markets for the iPhone include Japan (up 138 percent), China (118 percent) and Russia (96 percent), while Android saw strong gains in Korea (94 percent), Japan (60 percent) and France (46 percent).

A small number of apps are still taking a significant share of the revenue: according to the survey, in November 2012 seven titles accounted for 10 percent of the total for the App Store, with just 4 apps accounting for 10 percent of Google Play sales.


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