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Google introduces coupon service

Richard Handford


Google has introduced a digital coupon service which it says offers manufacturers and retailers a better way to measure coupon redemptions and analyse consumer preferences than traditional campaigns. The new service is called Zavers by Google.

With the new service, users find manufacturer discounts on retailers’ websites and save the coupons to their accounts. Then they purchase those products and follow the check-out process as usual, with savings being deducted in real-time when customers input their reward cards or phone numbers.

The announcement of the new service makes no mention of the company’s NFC-based Google Wallet. However a number of media reports says wallet users can redeem their coupons as they are tapping their NFC handset during checkout.

Google announced New York grocer D’Agostino will use the new service and said it will be announcing a number of other major retailers as customers in the coming months.

Google will be demonstrating the new service at the National Retail Federation Convention & Expo in New York this week.

The new service follows the acquisition of digital coupon company Zave Networks by Google in 2011.


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