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FCC looks for mhealth chief

Richard Handford


The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has published an advertisement for the new post of Director of Health Care Initiatives, which will include the US regulator’s mobile health strategy.

According to the advert, the successful applicant’s responsibilities will include “facilitating the availability of medical devices that use spectrum” as well as “ensuring hospital and other health care facilities have required connectivity”.

The appointment of a specialist director was among the proposals suggested by a FCC-backed taskforce earlier this year for improving care while reducing costs in the US health system.

Presumably as an investment in such a goal, the new director will earn an annual salary of US$124,000-US$156,000. He or she will however have a term appointment limited to no more than four years.

The FCC already has some mobile health initiatives including the allocation of spectrum for wearable body sensors to monitor hospital patients, also known as medical body area networks.

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