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Thailand’s regulators fight back

NEW BLOG: Now that the four individual Thai regulators accused of corruption in the awarding of the country’s 3G spectrum have been cleared by the National Anti-Corruption Commission (NACC), they have threatened legal action against the Senate subcommittee that called …

M-Pesa 2014

Ending M-Pesa’s solo story

NEW BLOG: The mobile industry has always preached interoperability because helping one another delivers mutual benefits. The past evidence quoted in favour of interoperability includes both SMS and voice services whereby ubiquity delivered wider take-up, hence revenue and profit for …

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A load off their minds

NEW BLOG: The latest edition of the 4GEE Mobile Living Index – a survey by the UK operator of the usage habits of its user base – talked up how its subscribers are deserting public Wi-Fi. Actually the operator has flagged …