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Imaging app Frontback meets its end

Social imaging app Frontback is closing, after its team and investors “realised that we couldn’t reach the critical numbers that would make Frontback a sustainable social network”. The idea of the app was to combine a photo taken with the …


Apple sees App Store, Watch app growth

Apple said it generated $5 billion in revenue in fiscal Q3 from services (App Store, iTunes, Apple Pay, AppleCare, and other licensing/service fees), “a new all-time record” and an increase of 12 per cent over last year, “thanks primarily to …

yahoo livetext

Yahoo quietly debuts new messaging app

Yahoo has without any fanfare launched an app called Livetext, which involves text and video messaging without sound, describing it as “an entirely new way to stay in touch”. The app was launched earlier this month, and is available only in the Hong Kong …