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Mobile game installs up by 30 per cent led by Android, says Unity

Mobile gaming installs saw a “significant increase” of 30 per cent in Q1 2016 compared with Q4 2015, with China representing 31 per cent of total installs of games made with Unity, according to a study by the development platform.


Google adds ads notice to Play Store apps

Apps on Google Play Store that have ads will be labelled “contains ads” when a user searches for them, underneath the install button, according to reports, as the company tries to be more transparent and help consumers make informed decisions.


Pinterest acquires URX ad platform

The team behind behind URX, a mobile advertising platform that helps users discover content inside apps, will join Pinterest as part of an acquisition.


Grubhub acquires as profit falls

Food delivery app maker Grubhub acquired LAbite, a restaurant delivery services in the US, as it announced a 6 per cent year-over-year decrease in net income to $9.9 million for the quarter ended March 31, 2016.


EC wants public sector apps “more accessible”

The European Commission agreed on the first EU-wide rules to make public sector apps, as well as websites, more accessible, especially for the blind, the deaf and the hard of hearing.


US cracks down on group that sold 4M pirated apps

Two members of online piracy group Applanet pleaded guilty for distributing more than four million pirated copies of copyrighted Android apps with a total retail value of more than $17 million, the US Department of Justice said.


Brazil WhatsApp ban lifted in less than a day

A Brazilian appeals court judge in the Sergpipe province of Brazil overturned a ban on WhatsApp a day after another Sergpipe judge had asked operators to block the messaging service, used by 100 million people in the country.


Vivendi ups Ubisoft stake, wants board representation

France’s Vivendi group upped its stake in Ubisoft to 17.7 per cent, according to a notice from the country’s Financial Markets Authority, giving it more than 15 per cent of voting rights, as it looks to be represented on its board, Le Monde reported.


Passport raises $8M

Passport, a US-based company specialising in parking and ticketing apps, closed an $8 million Series B round bringing total funding to $17 million.


Brazil bans WhatsApp again

Five operators in Brazil have been asked by a judge in the state of Sergpipe to block WhatsApp for 72 hours in relation to the app maker not handing over information regarding a case, though details are unknown, Reuters reported.