• glyph

    MWC demos innovations at the 'edge of real and virtual' Edit Post

    Peel Technologies and Avegant demonstrated products at Mobile World Congress 2015’s final keynote – a smart remote app and a headset that becomes an 80 inch screen – which their makers claim will become an essential part of life in the near future. Joerg Tewes, the CEO of Avegant, talked about glyph, a headset that looks and acts ...
  • Robert Beckman 2

    US medical player Wicab has a big vision Edit Post

    Robert Beckman told delegates at this morning’s Mobile World Congress keynote on innovation about his firm Wicab’s product, which makes the extraordinary claim that it can enable blind people to see. The device, which is called the Brainport, is close to gaining approval from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the US, which would give ...
  • Klarna

    Klarna sucks up risk to boost m-commerce Edit Post

    Conversion rates on m-commerce sites shrink when consumers are on mobile devices, but it’s a problem that Niklas Adalberth, cofounder of Klarna, claims he can fix. The rate at which browsers become buyers on a site falls through the floor when they are on a smartphone or tablet rather than a PC, he said. The rate for ...
  • Courtesy of Shutterstock.

    New business models needed to justify 5G capex Edit Post

    Mobile operators’ business models need to evolve to address the changing capex environment, which has become more challenging over the last decade, said Hatem Bamatraf, Etisalat group CTO, at Mobile World Congress this week. The key question, he said, is “how are we going to justify investing in a certain technology? People love technology, but there needs to ...
  • Visa Europe

    Visa ready to help partners launch mobile payments after work on ... Edit Post

    Ryan Mclnerney, global president of Visa Inc, speaking at this morning’s Mobile World Congress (MWC) keynote on digital transactions and social interactions, said the huge effort involved in helping Apple Pay get off the ground has put it in a position to help others, including mobile operators, launch rival mobile payment services. “We are the payment ...

  • 15wrapup

    MWC 2015: Show wrapup feature Edit Post

    It promised to be the biggest ever Mobile World Congress… and it truly delivered! The Mobile World Live team closes its show coverage with a look back at the biggest news stories from this week’s event.
  • ggggg

    MWC 2015: Day 4 highlights Edit Post

    Mobile World Live brings you the best footage of Wednesday at Mobile World Congress, including the morning’s keynote sessions and new device launches from Huawei’s Honor brand.

  • 5G a “special generation” – but in good time Edit Post

    The mobile industry should consider 5G as a “special generation”, introducing “challenges in all layers of the technology”, Mike Short, VP of public affairs Telefónica Europe, said at Mobile World Congress today. Speaking in one of today’s sessions covering the next-generation mobile technology, he said: “It’s beyond what we’re doing today with mobile. 5G will have ...